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Investing in Leaders and Unleashing Potential
Elevating leadership through tailored education, The BALPP is committed to guiding individuals to unlock their potential, shaping empowered leaders capable of driving positive change and fostering a future of innovation and impact.
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Fostering Dialogue & Spearheading Action
Fostering transformative dialogue and spearheading decisive action, we cultivate environments where meaningful conversations on leadership and public policy ignite positive change, paving the way for impactful initiatives.
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Harnessing the Best Brains for Tomorrow
With our world class faculty, we are working to empower and educate the next generation of leaders in public policy and leadership, shaping a brighter future where visionary individuals drive positive societal change with wisdom and purpose.
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Empowering All to be Heard
Striving against discrimination and marginalization in public policy and fostering an environment where diverse voices thrive, the BALPP works to ensure that every perspective contributes to a richer, more equitable conversation on empowerment.
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About the Bandaranaike Academy for Leadership and Public Policy

The Bandaranaike Academy for Leadership and Public Policy is an independent institution consisting of three pillars : Academic & Learning Pillar, its Research Pillar & its Outreach Pillar. Accordingly,It offers post-graduate, diploma and certificate programmes in many fields related to Leadership and Public Policy for Sri Lankan and international students.
The BALPP works to enable cutting-edge research in multiple disciplines, focusing on contemporary issues and fundamental problems. The BALPP also encourages and fosters debate, dialogue and discourse on leadership and the many fields of Public Policy including but not limited to education, politics, governance, economics and cybersecurity while being committed to reach people everywhere to address the critical issues of current society.

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Events by BALPP

Experience the best of public policy and leadership discourse and dialogue through a diverse array of events hosted by the BALPP, featuring expert speakers from a variety of fields.

Upcoming Events, Projects &Workshops

Since day one, the Bandaranaike Academy for Leadership and Public Policy has been hosting its Eminence Series featuring renowned scholars, academics, economists, and politicians. Aligned with our goal to make public policy accessible to everyone, these discussions were totally free.


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