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Discover the essence of who we are. Our story is one of vision, commitment, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Learn more about our values, mission, and the journey that defines us.

Knowledge Is Power

The Bandaranaike Academy for Leadership and Public Policy is an independent institution which functions within the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) and the Bandaranaike National Memorial Foundation Act (Law No.2 of 1975 Parliament Act).

Three pillars of the institution : the BALPP Vision will rest on its Academic & Learning Pillar, its Research Pillar & its Outreach Pillar. All three pillars will be supported by a robust and innovative Administrative & Operational Foundation.

In terms of Academics and Learning, It offers post-graduate, diploma and certificate programmes in many fields related to Leadership and Public Policy for Sri Lankan and international students. BALPP aims to eventually offer Masters Programs as it will be applying for accreditation with the Ministry of Higher Education of Sri Lanka and the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Sri Lanka. We are looking to educate public servants, government officials, corporate executives, civil society leaders and academics. We have an Expert Resource Panel consisting of renown academics, practitioners and scholars from various disciplines in Public Policy.  In keeping with its Vision & Aims, the BALPP will  design  academic plans and programs to suit the nation and region’s emerging needs and challenges.

With the appointment of the Chief Research Officer, the BALPP has commenced work on the second pillar of the institution ; Research. We will also endeavor to enable cutting-edge research in multiple disciplines, focusing on contemporary issues and fundamental problems.

Through our Policy Dialogues, Eminence Lecture series and other events, the BALPP has begun to encourage and foster debate, dialogue and discourse in Sri Lanka on leadership and the many fields of Public Policy including but not limited to education, politics, governance, economics and cybersecurity. But recognizing not only the need for Sri Lankans everywhere to have access to knowledge and expertise on leadership and public policy but also the need to not be an institution confined to a certain geographical area, the BALPP has an extensive Outreach and External Relations strategy. We will be reaching out to every sector and every part of society not only to disseminate knowledge but also to get the best understanding of critical issues on a grassroots level.

An Academic and Governing Council and a Strategic Advisory Panel of international experts guide and advise the BALPP in its journey.

Bandaranaike Academy for Leadership & Public Policy was incorporated on 23 October 2023 under the Companies Act No. 7 of 2007 as a company limited by guarantee.

Our Vision

To create and nurture a new generation of leaders & policy-makers who think critically & creatively, based on an informed and precise intellectual analysis. 

Our Mission

The Mission of the new Bandaranaike Academy for Leadership & Public Policy is to provide resources and state-of-the-art training for cutting-edge leadership programs, aiming to build a generation of new leaders suited to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Our Aims

To educate and train students to become pioneers and catalysts of change, as forward-thinking and socially responsible leaders & decision-makers in multiple disciplines.

To facilitate understanding on policy-making, policy-analysis and policy-implementation, based on the analysis of scientific research and empirical data.

To offer nationally & globally relevant multidisciplinary academic programs, which are founded on creativity and analytical rigor.

To provide a platform for public discussion & debate, and to serve as a think-tank, which contributes towards resolving national issues from diverse perspectives.

To create a group of  innovative and committed professionals who will challenge existing norms and systems, and contribute towards the holistic development of the nation.


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I am not a graduate, how can join?

I am not a graduate, how can join? Are you a post-school education student hungry for knowledge to make a real difference? Email us here admin@balpp.com to get in touch.
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