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Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership

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PGD in Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership

The course will include modules on developing skills, talents and attributes of modern-day leadership in the VUCA world, understanding results-oriented and vision-based leadership strategies, outcome-based decision making, and exposure to globally renowned leadership models. The Course will include modules on new & emerging strategies & technologies used in the management of enterprises irrespective of their structure of purpose, using a variety of skills for optimal effectiveness. Similarly, the program will also cover stakeholder mapping & engagement, which is a key aspect for any leader in today’s dynamic context.

Key Take-aways & Expected outcomes from the Course

Students through a range of classroom sessions & self-learning activities will gain an in-depth understanding of areas key areas such as building a vision, innovation, negotiation & influence, building high performance teams, strategic thinking, sustainable leadership, diversity management and ethical decision making. Throughout the course students will be exposed to real life case studies, local & international examples in order to not only learn the key concepts but also develop a leadership action plan for themselves.

USP – the unique ‘selling point’ of each Course

This program is benchmarked to global standards with a modern approach to learning. The program is designed to help students build their skills through a range of experiential learning activities, discussions with well-known leaders, practical case studies and online self-learning. The content will be updated regularly to keep up with the changes in the real world, making it more relevant.

Who will benefit from this course?

The target audience of this course would be current & aspiring leaders in organizations, academic institutions, government, NGOs, policy making, civil society, sprots entities and others in any field who desires to improve their leadership skills.

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